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The Bird Exchange

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Welcome to the largest selection of exotic birds in Northern California. 

Whether you’re an experienced avian hobbyist or just thinking about buying your first bird, we hope you will enjoy browsing through our beautiful aviary.

We take pride in the quality of our birds, from little finches to big macaws.  You’ll find hand-fed babies and breeding pairs, too. 


Our 5,000 square foot building is full of birds, cages, toys, and supplies.  You’ll find little finches and huge macaws, hand-feeding tame babies, and even breeder pairs.  We carry a full line of all of the most popular foods, including Kaytee, Lafebers, Zupreme, Pretty Bird, Bird’s Delight, Superior and many more.

Our toy line includes a custom line that can’t be beat.  The cage room has small cages from $14.99 up to large beautiful macaw sizes.  We also carry a large variety of stands, perches, cups, books, and other supplies to suit you and your birds’ every need. 

You know the old saying: “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it?”  Our version is:  “If you want it, we can get it!”

The Bird Exchange has a huge selection so come on in and have a good time.  We’re open 12-5, 7 days a week.

Click here for our Bird Exchange price sheet.  We carry a wide variety of birds, cages, and supplies including:

African Grey parrots

Amazon parrots










Red lories


Miniature Sicilian donkeys

Bird cages

Bird supplies & feed

Unusual & unique bird toys

Bird perches

Manzanita branches

Books about birds

Books about Sicilian donkeys

Christmas Babies:  Baby African Greys!  We have several hand-feeding baby African Greys who are just waiting for the perfect home.  They range in age from 8 to 11 weeks old and are $999. 

Store Specials:  Check out some of the extraordinary residents at the Bird Exchange currently looking for homes.

My name is Peanut.  I will be two-years-old on March 12th.  I was very tame with my mom, but shy with strangers.  I play all day long with my toys.   I talk too.  I come with my large cage and lots of toys for $499.  SOLD

I’m Pepper.  I am a DNA male Yellow Nape Amazon.  I love to sit out on my stand or swing on my swing.  My price is $499.

Rare Blue Headed Pionus tame breeding pair.  They come with a huge white cage and nest box.  I’ve been wanting to keep them for myself.  The price for the pair with cage and nest box is $1,999.

My name is Calypso and I am a Yellow Collar Macaw.  I have a beautiful dark yellow collar on my neck.  I talk and come with a huge white cage and toys.  I am called a mini macaw and am 14” tall.    $899.

My name is Smokey.  I am a 4-year-old male.  I love to whistle and follow you around.  My mom went off to college and could not take me with her.  I come with a huge cage, toys, food, and everything for $225.

My name is Boo and I am a beautiful Umbrella Cockatoo.  I am 12 years old and I’m a boy.  I am so sweet and I love everybody.  $1,499

Coming Soon:  Below are some of the highlights.  See price sheet for full listing.

Green Singing Finch  $99 pr

Red Cheek Cordon Bleu $139 pr

Lady Gouldian $199 pr

Cut Throat Finch       $69 pr

Red Bishop Weaver      $69 pr

Blue Black Grassquit     $69 pr

Star Finch     $149 pr


Grape Shishkebab Toy

Wine Country Bird

Fruits & Vegetables



Hide & Seek Toy

For Small Birds

4” X 10”



Ultimate Fun Toy

For Sm/Med Birds

4” X 16”



Acrylic Fun Toy

Cute Beyond Cute

For Sm & Med Birds



Rope Toy

Fun For All Birds

For Sm/Med/Lg Birds

6” X 20”



Play & Swing Toy

For Med/Lg Birds

10” X 10” X 33.5”


Also available is Little Willy, a 13-week-old baby blue and gold macaw.  He’s currently hand feeding and will be more than ready to go home in time for the holidays.  $1,499.