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In today's fast paced world it is so nice to find an investment that you can play with!  Try as you might, it's impossible to pet your portfolio.

Miniature donkeys were originally brought into the country for a handicapped child. His father raised race horses and they were much too dangerous for the child to play with. The boy's father saw these kind, sweet & affectionate little donkeys while on a trip to Sicily and imported a small herd into United States.

Our farm is located 60 miles north of San Francisco, in the heart of wine country.

Donkeys can be shipped ANYWHERE!

By AIR or by TRUCK  ~ Around the world

Our babies sell quickly, so give us a call today.   The best times to call are mornings and evenings PST

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Donkeys For Sale

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  1. Microchip with a small 9 digit # for positive id

  2. Registration papers

  3. Negative Coggins (if being shipped)

  1. Halter and lead rope

  2. Current vaccinations (5 way)

  3. Care sheet - All About Donkeys

Donkeys Sold

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Our Sicilian donkeys charm everyone who sees them with their loving personalities and their whinny little voices.  We have worked very hard in the last twenty four years to breed a rare dark brown color with an average size of 30 to 32 inches.  This spring we have had several beautiful and rare spotted babies born. These little burros will live about 35 years and are almost maintenance free.  We take pride in raising top quality animals and our little "Sicilian Miniature Donkeys" are the love of my life.

Watch our new video!

Our herd is now 100+ strong and represents one of the finest miniature bloodlines in the United States. 

See our new baby donkey video, featuring Little Rush.  Our 2008 babies are adorable and the season has just started!

Our first babies of 2008 Tawnee and Heidi

Special Offer - Herd Sale (SOLD)

In addition the wonderful babies we currently have for sale, I have a small herd of miniatures at a fantastic holiday price.  I bought them three months ago from a very loving home because the ranch sold and the owner could no longer keep them.    Valentino is the herd sire.  He is chocolate brown, 5-years-old,  and 32 1/2 inches tall with great confirmation and a sweet personality.

Bella is a grey jennet who is 6-years-old and 34 1/2 inches tall.  Niki is a brown jennet and she’s 6-years-old and 32 1/2 inches tall.  Flora is a brown jennet and she’s 1 1/2-years-old and 31 1/2 inches tall.  Bella and Niki should be in foal (by Valentino) for spring babies.  $5,000 takes all. 

New Year Special - 2 for 1

We have a problem with Little Rush, the star of our video.  He and Sophia are so bonded they cannot be separated.  Where one goes the other is always there.  Rush is about 26” tall and Sophia is brown and 27” tall.  They are almost 1-year-old and very tame.    Buy Rush and get his best friend for free.  $5,000