Through the years, the Bird Exchange has inspired warm and friendly smiles from all who come to visit, especially since the addition of our Sicilian miniature donkeys. The Honkey Donkey miniature donkey herd is still growing and is one of the finest miniature bloodlines in the U.S. These sweet creatures are simply the love of my life!

"The Bird Exchange" & "Honkey Donkey" have been featured on Channel 4 television's  

Hello! My name is Jayne Brown. I own The Bird Exchange and Honkey Donkey Farms.

I was born with a great love of animals and birds of all kinds. As a child I taught little lizards to swing on a trapeze and rescued a chipmunk from becoming the family cat's dinner.

Much to my mother's dismay, I turned a suitcase into a red squirrel trap and rescued many other birds and animals, which I cared for with a child's devotion.

By the age of 17 I had already bred and raised a vast array of avian specimens. My lifelong interest in the avian sciences has led to a wealth of knowledge rarely achieved in this highly complex field of study. I've been fortunate to be able to combine study and commerce into lifelong work that I love. By blending entrepreneurial spirit with extreme affection for animals, I created the Mendocino Bird Exchange in 1970 and have had a dream job ever since.

"Bay Area Backroads” several times over the years, bringing a steady stream of visitors to our store.

I invite you to come see us, too, but if you can't I hope you will find plenty fun right here in the Web store!

Open 7 days a week

12:00 - 5:00 p.m. PST

Closed on major holidays

(707) 575-0433

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The Bird Exchange

5355 Hall Road

Santa Rosa, CA 95401

The Bird Exchange is located in Santa Rosa, just off Route 12 on Hall Road.  We’re open 7 days a week noon to 5:00 PST.  For the price of a dollar, the donkeys would love to grab a bite to eat with you. 

For more information call (707) 575-0433