Welcome to our magical world of colorful exotic birds and adorable Sicilian miniature donkeys. Our online store is the next best thing to a visit to our physical store in Santa Rosa, California. 

And if you haven't seen miniature Sicilian donkeys yet, you are in for a special treat. Our herd is 100 strong now, representing one of the finest miniature bloodlines in the United States.

Come on in through our front gate to meet us and see all the birds and Sicilian miniature donkeys!

Meet Jayne

Largest bird dealer in Northern California

We feature DNA sexing, grooming, and a full line of

cages, toys, supplies, & books

Here’s a partial list of animals and products we sell at The Bird Exchange:

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Whether you are an experienced avian hobbyist or just thinking about buying your first bird,  we hope you will enjoy browsing through our beautiful aviary. We also sell cages and really unusual bird toys and perches you won't find anywhere else. They are reasonably priced so you can stock up and save on time and shipping.